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Praise Stones 

Set up stones of remembrance!

Along with journaling your journey and capturing your story, our stones of remembrance serve as physical reminders to hold and visualize turning over your concerns to the Lord in faith! 

Small enough to carry in your pocket, purse or place on a desk or bedside table, these hand calligraphied praise stones can be customized with the scripture reference of your choice to remind you to hold onto the pillar of God's promises in hope...or as a testimony to what the Lord has already done! They make a great conversation prompt to boast about the faithfulness of our God as others ask, "What do those stones mean?" (see Joshua 4:6)


Give them as gifts to your friends, family, co-workers, clients, students - anyone you want to encourage with a tangible reminder of the faithfulness of God. 

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Customized stones

Images show average size of stones.
Shipping costs vary by quantity & weight.

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