Journal of Praise


Our Journal of Praise, a guided prayer journal, is a powerful tool intentionally designed to help you maintain focus in your prayer life, while you wait on God for a break through. 

 Our journal is uniquely designed to help you in several key areas:

  • Identifying the enemy's attack strategies
  • Encourages you to utilize scripture in your prayers

  • Helps you to focus on seeing God's movement in your life  

  • Records your "Mountains of Victory", so you can remember God's faithfulness and give Him praise

As a special bonus feature, the journal comes with 20 "PraiStone" cards, that can be removed, colored and customized with your personal story of praise, highlighting when God miraculously moved in your life. Share these testimonies with friends and family by displaying them in a 4 x 6 album of your choice and start a legacy of praise that will glorify God for generations to come.

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